City Of Tygerberg Choir Article Update 19

24-05-2024 Artcle Update 19

Experience the Majestic Harmony: Tygerberg Choir Symphony at Cape Town Church

On Sunday morning, the 26th of May, the hallowed hall of NG Church, Panorama will resonate with the transcendent melodies of the esteemed Tygerberg Choir of Cape Town.

Led by the baton of our director Peter Roux, the Tygerberg Choir has long been celebrated for its mastery of choral music. Their performances are not just concerts; they are immersive journeys into the heart of musical excellence. With a repertoire spanning centuries and continents, the choir’s dedication to precision and passion ensures an experience that lingers in the soul long after the final note fades.

We extend a warm invitation to all music enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and seekers of beauty. Join us at NG Church, Panorama, where windows will be illuminated not just by sunlight, but by the radiant voices of the Tygerberg Choir.

Mark your calendars for the 26th of May, and ensure your presence at this musical spectacle. At no cost to you, we invite you to take your place among those fortunate enough to witness this auditory marvel.

Let us come together in celebration of the universal language of music. Join us as we raise our voices in harmony with the Tygerberg Choir, and let the symphony of Cape Town resonate within your heart and soul.

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