City Of Tygerberg Choir Article Update 05

Artcle Update 05

The City of Tygerberg Choir, seeks to create a welcoming and inclusive musical community, where individuals from diverse backgrounds and of all ages can come together to share the joy of singing while developing their musical talents collectively.

Our vision is to become a prominent figure in the choral music realm, not only within our local community but also on a global scale.

From time to time, we collaborate with other choirs, resulting in captivating performances alongside full orchestras.

On special occasions, our choir showcases the skills of both soloists and choir members who are proficient in playing musical instruments.

Furthermore, we occasionally join forces with other choirs, harmoniously combining our voices with full orchestral accompaniments. In select performances, our choir spotlights the exceptional talents of soloists and instrumentalists from our own ranks, enhancing the enchantment of our shows.

The City of Tygerberg Choir transcends the boundaries of being just a choir; it stands as a testament to the unifying and uplifting power of music, celebrating diversity through the magic of song.

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